Bambu Runcing Park in Binuang Sub-District, Polewali Mandar Regency

Stresses and boredom are two common issues face by people these days, especially due to excessive daily routines or works. Well, the simplest solution to take care of these problems is to visit a serene park. In Polewali Mandar Regency, for example, there is Bambu Runcing Park in Binuang Sub-District. The location is in Mammi Village and it has become a recommended place to relax and spend some time alone surrounded by beautiful plants. The locals often take advantage of the park to gather with friends and enjoy fun activities like reading, exercising, and photography. Even outsiders start recognizing its value!

The Nuance
The best thing is that the park resides near to the downtown, so tourists can get there easily. When it comes to nuance, the park features several trees and plants that make the site comfortable for hanging out and gathering. There are several traditional benches located near to those trees as well to use. Still, some people like to sit on grass better than on those benches. It is because they want to feel a natural sensation while enjoying the nuance of the park. Another interesting facility that everyone can use is the hammock! Visitors can use it either to sleep or relax while reading books, actually.

Exploring Bambu Runcing Park
Like other parks, Bambu Runcing is suitable for relaxation regardless of the time. Still, the best times to visit the site are either in the morning or afternoon when the atmosphere is the nicest. Not to mention the air feels fresher at those times. In the morning, especially weekends, the locals take advantage of the park to conduct exercising like jogging and yoga. On the other hand, people come to the park in the afternoon for hanging out with friends.

What is more? For local students in Indonesia, Bambu Runcing Park becomes a nice location to conduct an outdoor study by reading books in a more comfortable nuance than their classroom. They even believe it gives a better improvement in their comprehension skill due to such comfort and serenity. The even local government often conducts an event that promotes a reading habit among people who live in Binuang Sub-District. They take advantage of the park to accommodate the participants for sure.

The next thing that tourists can do in Bambu Runcing Park is to relax in the available hammock. As an alternative, they can carry their own hammock and install it on nearby trees. There is no fee to enjoy such activity, after all. What visitors need to pay attention is only the environment. That means littering is highly prohibited!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
As mentioned earlier, Bambu Runcing Park is located quite near to the downtown. From Polewali Mandar Regency, it takes only 7 minutes to get there as the distance is 2.9 km. Still, make sure to use the best route which is R.A. Kartini Street. Moreover, various types of local transportation services are available for them to use.

Where to Stay

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